Sunset at MPA
Views from my travels and work around the World
Falkland Islands-Port Stanley
Around Port Stanley,views and wrecks.
Falkland Islands-Sunsets
The sunsets in this part of the world can be dramatic
Falkland Islands-Helicopters
Falkland Islands-Snow at MPA
Snow at MPA
Falkland Islands-Anti-Whaling Display
Anti Whaling Display
Falkland Islands-Airbridge South
Sunrise and Clouds at the Equator/Ascension Island,747,Tristar,DC10s,767,Antonov 124 on the pan,Moon at Ascension./Falklands,Typhoon,Islander.
Falkland Islands-Birds
Upland Goose,Black Throated Finch,Striated Caracara,Turkey Vulture,Magellanic Oystercatcher,White-chinned Petrel,Two Banded Plover,Falkland Thrush,Greater Kelp Goose,Sanderling,Imperial Shag,Long Tailed Meadowlark,Flightless Steamer Duck
Falkland Islands-Surf Bay
Surf Bay on the North side of the road to Stanley Airport
Falkland Islands - Comet McNaught C/2006 P1
Night pictures of Comet McNaught over the Falklands
Falkland Islands - Magellanic Penguins
Pictures of Magellanic Penguins at Gypsy Cove near Port Stanley
Falkland Islands - Northern Gentoo Penguins
Northern Gentoo Penguins at Bertha's Beach on East Falklands
Falkland Islands-King Penguin
A King Penguin on Cape Pembroke to the East of Port Stanley
Falkland Horses
Falkland horses are semi-wild as they are allowed to roam free for much of the year.
Falkland Islands - Blue Beach Cemetery,San Carlos.
Pictures of the Cemetery at San Carlos in memory of the British dead of the Falklands Campaign
Falkland Islands - Memorial to the fallen of 59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers.
A small memorial to 3 of the fallen of 59 Ind Cdo Sqn RE on the road to Darwin/Goose Green
Falkland Islands - RE Memorial
Memorial to the fallen of the Royal Engineers on Sapper Hill above Port Stanley
Falkland Islands - Fitzroy Memorials
The Memorials to the Welsh Guards and others who lost their lives at Bluff Cove during the 1982 conflict
Falkland Islands - Argentine Cemetery near Darwin.
This Cemetery was constucted after discussions with the Argentine Government to allow a final resting place for their dead from the 1982 conflict
Falkland Islands - Port San Carlos
Port San Carlos was used by the RAF as the base for " Chindet", the Chinook helicopters, after the Falklands War to stop them being caught on the ground at Port Stanley in any reprisal attack by the Argentines
Mount Pleasant Airport Power Station - Ruston 8RKC Diesel Engine Stripdown
A Ruston 8RKC Diesel engine in pieces
Egypt - Sunsets at El Gorah in the Sinai Desert
Pictures of the Sinai
El Gorah in the Sinai Desert - Egypt - Fitting a rewound Alternator to an EMD engine
The fitting of a rewound alternator to an EMD engine at the Powerplant El Gorah
Humber Bridge area of Hessle Foreshore
Views to the South from the North bank of the Humber just below the Bridge
Spitfire at Brocklesby,Lincolnshire
A two seat version of the famous Spitfire in an aerial display
Work with a model in a small studio
A pair of Old Cars
A Triumph Mayflower and a Wolsley 12/48
Some Owls on display at a Country Fair
Off Road Landrovers
Various Landrovers on an off road circuit
Motorcycle Display
Motorcycle jumping obstacles and wheelies
Sheep "Herding" & Duck "Herding"!!!?
A Display of Dog Control using Sheep and Ducks
A cavalcade of different tractors
The Sheep Show
A Display of different varieties of Sheep
A demonstration of Ferret Racing
Wood Carving using Chain Saws & Grinders
A Display of the Art of Wood Carving using Power Tools
Swans with Cygnets on a lake
Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix
Pictures of my transport in the Falklands.
Other Mitsubishi Delicas
Other Mitsubishi Delicas around
A couple of items,a pic and a caricarture of me.
MDOCUK Wales Meet May 2009
Meeting of Delica Owners at Treheli in Wales May 2009
Classic Car Show at Burton Constable Hall
Show held by the East Yorks Thorobred Car Club at Burton Constable Hall in East Yorkshire June 2009
Bikes at Burton Constable
Motorcycles at the East Yorks Thorobred Car Show held at Burton Constable Hall in East Yorkshire June 2009
Mitsi in the Falklands
Mitsi appearing with some of the local landmarks
Monster Trucks
Some of the Monster Trucks at Fort Paull on 270909
MDOCUK at Hollingworth Lake 101009
Northern meet of Delicas
Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Big Cat Photo Day at the Foundation in Kent
Falkland Islands - Whale Point
Penguins and Seals at Whale Point
The Big Meet at Red Lion Gloucester.
Meet of the Delica Cubs at the Red Lion Pub Gloucester.
The Big Meet 2
The Big Meet for all Delicas at the RED Lion Gloucester 23-25 April 2010
My Mitsi UK
Pictures of my UK L300
New Year's Day Raft Race Port Stanley
Photos from the Annual raft race held in Port Stanley Harbour on New Year's Day
My Latest Buy
Salisbury Mud
Off roading on Salisbury Plain
New Forest Crew Cake Meet.
Southern most Suspension Bridge
Bodie Creek Bridge in the Falklands.
DCNW Wirral Meet 23/24 Feb 13
Lakeland 900 Meet
Delica Meet in Great Langdale
Finally got the one I wanted
My Harley and me.
Delica Meet Wales June 2016
Pics from the Meet
Adventure Overland Show 2016
Show for Equipment for Expeditions and Travel
My Suzuki runaround
My Suzuki Inazuma 250
MDOCUK Northern Meet 07-10th April 2017
Delica Club Meet
Awning fixing L300
Wales 2018
Delica meet in South Wales 2018
AO Meet SEPT 2018
MDOCUK Meet at the Adventure Overland Show at Stratford Race Course 21-23 September 2018

Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

This is Mitsi,she is a 4WD minibus,she has a high/low ratio transfer box and a good ground clearance which makes her ideal for use in the Falkland Islands as most "roads" are gravel/compacted earth.
Her 2 rows of rear seats fold flat to make a bed and she has fittings for curtains allround so I am slowly turning her into a camper for weekends away.
Running costs are reasonable.Fuel costs 33p/litre.Road tax is now 102/year.Insurance (fire/theft/third party)is 91/year.
I get 26 to 27 mpg as the speed limit is 40mph.She has 235,000kms on the clock on a 2.5 litre turbo diesel but doesn't use any oil between changes.Not bad for her age which papers say is 1994,imported here 2000, but according to the Mitsubishi website she is late 1989.

Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

As can be seen she needs a bit of TLC,some paintwork to be done and the 2 driving lamps need replacing (a normal hazard on these roads).The windscreen is also cracked but as there is no MOT down here, and if you fitted a new one it would surely get cracked first time out, you wait till it falls out.I have had her since February 2008 and it hasn't moved yet.

Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

Have fitted a new Radio/CD/MP3/ATRAC3 player after rebuilding part of the dash as previous owner had tried to remove it without undoing any of the screws!! Its amazing what you can do with UPVC cement!!.Also rewired it as he had wired all speakers together giving no balance or fade!!
Now have 4 X 50 watt all around sound.Pity we only have 2 radio stations down here,but can put an ATRAC3 CD with 17 albums on it and hit random shuffle and I am very unlikely to hear the same track twice and I have no idea of the playlist.

Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

She has a double battery system,which is primarily for starting but gives a good capacity for lights etc on a night.Not only does she have a rear interior light there is also 2 reading spots as well.
I have obtained a small gas stove and a couple of mess tins and a few other items,washing up bowl etc and have a sleeping bag.Looking to build some small furniture to house the stove and a cupboard for the food.Got some thermal curtains made up last time I was in UK to keep the light out and the heat in and I will get them fitted soon.
Also has a solar battery charger fitted to keep the batteries up when not in use.

Interior from front passenger door

Interior from the passenger door.

Interior driver's side

Interior from the driver's door

Interior from sliding door,seats facing forwards

Interior from the sliding door,second row of seats facing forwards.

Interior second row facing rearwards

Interior second row of seats facing rearwards.

Interior rear row folded back

Interior rear row of seats folded back,will go all the way down but tools etc behind them caused a restriction.

Interior rear row folded forwards

Interior rear row of seats folded forwards.

Decals on side of Mitsi

Decals on side of Mitsi

Mitsi in snow

Mitsi in snow May 2009

Mitsi in snow

Mitsi in snow
Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

Mitsubishi Delica Chamonix

Fitted an Autoglow Boost Guage which has switchable backgrounds colours and a Red needle.


Boost guage


Boost guage

Light Green

Boost guage
Mitsi in snow

More snow in July 2009

Mitsi in snow

Mitsi in snow
Mitsi in snow
Mitsi and Lady Elizabeth at Whale bone Cove

Mitsi and Lady Elizabeth at Whalebone Cove with Port Stanley in the background

Mitsi and Lady Elizabeth at Whalebone Cove

The state of my offside front caliper and the one remaining pad.

L300 Fusebox diagram

Extra guages fitted,Turbo boost moved,Roll and Tilt and Voltmeter fitted.

Mitsi now has a set of new boots.

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